Welcome To Verte: A New Vision of Luxury

These words are unique unto themselves, and very powerful when placed together.  Eco.  Green.  Luxe. 

A quick search on Google reveals that many businesses are selling the idea that “sustainability” is chic.  A product is sustainable not only in its manufacture, and materials, but as vintage or re-purposed from a previous incarnation.  Artists have discovered the beauty of sustainability in re-purposed materials and craftsmanship, one-off or hand-made pieces are luxurious by virtue of their intention.  A luxury product generally has a history attached to it. It could be a family, or a manufacturing process or craftsmanship handed down through the generations.  The Eco-Luxe product is defined as a luxury product in some key ways:  the materials are sustainable  and the objects are hand crafted with best practices in manufacturing and a sense of luxury in workmanship and design or materials.

The intrinsic  value and perception of sustainable luxury might be in the eye of the beholder. But when you combine the vision of an artist with these objects  even the humblest of materials become luxurious.  This new idea of “eco-luxury” not only reaches the green community, but it appeals to luxury clients who want to own investment items like furnishings, objects, art or jewelry and require these objects to be sustainable. We are also seeing that the automobile, has entered the zone of luxury “Eco” friendly and sustainability.  The Audi, Volvo, Mercedes Benz are all on the road to Eco Luxe and the rest of the industry will be left behind if they don’t get on track

If you build a home that is sustainable, the demand for sustainable objects and decor become part of the design and conception of the home. This has created an interesting demand for objets of luxury, and, creations that meet that ideals of sustainable living. With all the discussion of the emerging markets, there is one market that has been forgotten:  The Eco-luxury market.   WIth our magazine we hope to draw attention not to the everyday living alone, but the extraordinary that makes lifes little “green” luxuries so very attractive to not only the mass audience, but, to the luxury audience who have heard the call.

Chief Curator, Editor in Chief,

Pikke Allen


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