We’re Just Getting Started: Sustainable Style Starts with You

We’re just a bit crazy about the idea of discovering sustainable fashion, jewelry, and other lifestyles products and none more vital to us than a great handbag.  Enter, REVEAL, already buzz-worthy, we’ve done the 411 on the bags and we can tell you that they’re made of fully recyclable and sustainable materials, and bear an amazing resemblance to the luxury bags you’ve come to love and styles come in Hobos, pocket books, ipad covers, and all manner of chic little bags.  Prices are very reasonable so you don’ t have to pay a fortune to save the planet, but you can smile like a Kitty Kat when people ask you which French Couture house designed the bag!

We love luxury and think these bags are just the beginning of what we’ll discover on our new adventure as devoted Fashionstas, we think you’ll agree that this is one bag that does not scream “earth shoes” to those of us who would rather be in High heels than out on a hike. Its just our little part, we can do, to save the planet. The bags are made of a variety of materials including satin, hemp that looks like linen, recycled leathers and other sustainable materials.  Its ECO LUXE from the word, Get-Go.

You can purchase the bags shown here:  http://www.revealshop.com/


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