New York Fashion Week: Green is Chic, Finally

With the explosion of Fashion Week’s agenda and buzz about “Who’s in and “Who’s Out” we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that in New York we are just on the “verge” of going “VERTE”. The issue we see is that fashion that is the GREEN has generally lacked great design and originality.  For us, we see that the “student fashion show” has taken over this sector and there are few designers that are really on the same level as an Elber ALBAZ, or other major fashion houses.  That’s why the green luxury concept is so challenging.

Enter, EDUN a line founded by BONO and his wife Ali Hewson.  Here is where Green, meets LVMH and takes what we think is a growing and important global awareness to the highest level.  The Designer, Sharon Wauchoub, is just as good as Monsieur Elbaz, though the Fall Collections were a bit to brown, the spring looks below shows how you can be fashionable, use sustainable materials and be chic at the same time.

Sustainable Cottons, and other man made pieces that were not only green but were made in the spirit of susainability in Africa.  Since the first year the collections and deliveries were “late” due to the “labor” issues.  So, it seems that while we’re looking at eco luxe fashion, we’re also looking at the truth about a major firms going sustainable:  the labor and chain of delivery has to be able to meet the demand. That’s why so many companies are in fear of going in this direction, their factories are not tooled up as sustainable and the “villages” where many things are made have no concept of the brutal system of worldwide fashion delivery. That’s why EDUN will be on record as working this through, so that other companies can watch and learn. With a percentage of their fabrics and materials helping out economies, and being made in specific sustainable ways, that’s a step in the fashionable direction.


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