We’ll take the Mini, Please.

The  trend of “Upcycling” has made the concept of  Recycling  so…yesterday.   

We often forget that re-using or “up-cycling”  products from one Luxury brand to create another is a way for the Luxury Industry to be eco-sensitive and to reinvent its resources.  We’re all for the idea of taking one brand’s luxury capital and creating some thing totally renewable, is not only chic, but the wave of the future for the luxury brand.

This bag (shown below) is designed by FENDI and made from the pieces and parts of Mini Coopers.   We think their modern, clean and well,  “mini” look is quite fetching.   Made of leathers and recycled elements from samples of car pieces and parts its debut at MILAN Fashion Week  makes the concept all the more interesting.  A preview of what’s to come in the Eco-Luxe environment that is already looking for sustainable ways to make their products to reach this unique and growing clientele.

 So, go ahead, make yours a “mini” and be on the look out for these bags at a Fendi Store, in your area.

Editor’s NOTE:

The exclusive CARMINA CAMPUS for MINI collection ranges in price from 350 to 700 euros and is available from the 10 Corso Como store in Milan, via the Online-Shop of 10 Corso Como and via yoox.com.  Numbers are limited, so be sure to get yours! 

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