Windswept – Review: Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli

This lovely store is on a quiet street on the right bank of Paris…we love all our friends at the Atelier Cologne Shop. If you purchase a bottle of perfume or cologne they gift you with a smaller bottle in hand-tooled leather with your own initials. Of course, in New York you can also visit the shop for the same great service.

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By Tara 

Like many people, I associate patchouli with cool – particularly autumnal – weather. It has a warm, earthy, sometimes dirty aroma which goes well with bonfires and falling leaves. It can have hippy connotations but it can also be refined as exemplified by Chanel’s Coromandel. These days it’s usually cleaned up and paired with sweet fruit in the ubiquitous, youth -friendly “fruitcholi”.

However a cologne-style take on patchouli is not something I’ve come across, until now.

The mistral wind is a strong, cold, north-westerly that blows from the south of France into the Mediterranean.

Can patchouli really take to the sky? Is it possible to transmute earth into air? Apparently so.

atelier mistral patchouli

Created by Jérôme Epinette and launched in 2013, the notes given for Mistral Patchouli are grapefruit, black pepper, star anise, iris, incense, geranium, fraction of patchouli from Indonesia, benzoin and vetiver.

Some perfumes use coconut to give a beach-y feel as in Bronze Goddess, or are inspired by the ocean like Hermessence Epice Marine. However Mistral Patchouli is the smell of the shoreline, where land meets sea.

The fragrance starts off with sunlight sparkling on the water’s surface. A zesty opening exuding ozone and setting the maritime scene.

I have issues with grapefruit but it’s very fresh and pleasant, not at all sharp or reminiscent of body odour (thank goodness). On the flip-side, pepper has long been a favourite note of mine and here it’s…

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