PERFUME REVIEW: Beautiful, Classic, Elegant

‘Only For Her” the classic first Fragrance by HAYARI PARIS…in its new formulation and larger luxury size…its my new favorite for an evening out. The perfume is very elegant and that means almost traditional in its conception much like a Chanel fragrance is…the classic “Number 5”.

The inspiration from the gardens of the designer’s childhood where jasmine grew and perhaps a whiff of his grandmother’s own perfumes influenced the creation of this fragrance. I feel like there is a sweet note once you spray it on, and it settles in, with a darker note of patchouli as its base.
Already this fragrance has landed at many notable stores and bouiques around the world and two more formulations have also been created for a trio: “Goldy” and “Broderie” each with their own distinct sensibilities. One is very strong and sporty, the other almost like a delicate powder finish, light as lace, which describes its name in French.

You can find these fragrances in the new LEFT BANK store in Paris, a very nice way to visit and experience the brand, and also in New York at HENRY BENDELS.

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