Diptyque: Launch of a New Fragrance “Florabellio”

The launch of a Diptyque fragrance is always a celebration.It’s a green scent,  even though the title says  “Beautiful Flowers”.  This one is perfect for the Spring season because it is evocative of both the sand and seashore. What begins first, is a smell of fields as well as a hint of the deep moss in the woods.  Then, you feel a hint of breezes that seem to waft over you from a beachhead.   A hint of blossoms rides the first wave of this fragrance that later quiets down into something quite unique, something that hints of a memory from the past; like a flower that is pressed into the pages of a poetry book.  What is always present in any Diptyque fragrance is a sense of layers and experiences.  Always complex, a Diptyque fragrance can only be understood by the wearer and enjoyed by those who admire it.

Perhaps a country walk in France in the South, or field somewhere near the Champagne region.  If a scent can be evocative of memories from your childhood, then this is a perfume to cherish and wear each day.  People always stop me when I am wearing a Diptyque fragrance.  They ask me what I am wearing, every time.  I prefer not to tell them; I don’t want the whole world wearing my signature fragrances, but if you must know, there are several I mix and match up or sometimes wear alone.  I like Tuberose,  or the  Carnation or anything that is floral.  I enjoy the candles as well, they are divine.  I mix them all up depending on my mood at the moment.

This new one is growing on me; I am driven by scents and perfumes in my daily life. I cannot live without them.

I know you will enjoy this one!  But to really discover your own signature scent, stop into the storefront near you, or head to the website for more information.


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