Heal the Bay Gala: Its in the Water

At Verte, we are not only supporting green luxury but also causes that are both local and national that focus on the environment and our planet.  The Santa Monica ‘HEAL THE BAY’ organization is a non-profit with a stellar local record in supporting causes to keep the California coastal regions clean from pollution.  Their ocean side gala at the Jonathon Club in Santa Monica is the event that brings like-minded green warriors together to create awareness and financial support.  On June 4th, we attended the “Blue Carpet”  in support of the ‘Heal The Bay‘ organization  that champions clean water in Santa Monica.  The gala traditionally raises funds through auctions and this yearly gala to support their initiatives to save the Santa Monica Bay and surrounding water areas along the coast.  With the California water crisis hitting its high point this summer the issue is especially critical. Close to 1000 guests partied on the beach at the Jonathon Beach Club  in a casual beach chic dinner. Honorees included The Los Angeles Kings,  Golden Road Brewing, and Gabriela Cowperthwaite, director of the film “Blackfish”.  From the Mayor’s office  “The Drop” ( a local walk-around celebrity) was there to remind people of the water crisis. Many guests and members attended along with a group of notables who are graciously supporting the cause.

For more information and to volunteer please go to:  http://www.healthebay.org

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