The Art of Inspiration:  Paint is Eternal

A museum is like a church of the human spirit and represents a higher calling of our culture.  While museums have become in our world,  somewhat stunted in their search for relevance, the idea was always designed to take us out of ourselves from what was commonplace or real into the realm of the extraordinary. Art collections were always reserved for the super wealthy in high places like the Italian ruling family, the Medici, or the Catholic Church, or industrial America. As the public,  we are the benefactors, but museums as institutions,  have lost their place in our everday world that is ruled by the mobile phone, the computer, the  netflix account. How does a museum re-connect with us to make the idea of art, relevant and creation, new? 
I contemplated the other day, that paint, was something that divides the artist from the rest of us who simply gaze in wonder. What can a museum do to help us connect and experience the process, the inspiration, the art? 

From a cave painting to a digital paintbrush, we are all artists inside. I wondered, as I wandered through the centuries, how does a museum connect us and bring us together again? 




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