Caroline Herrera:  Luxury in a Bottle

Divine luxury in a bottle, the new fragrances by Carolina Herara are well, let’s be clear, some of the best array of combination fragrances I have experienced.  Many couture houses and brands have attempted to create a wardrobe of fragrances that blend with each other, but this one is exceptional, in look, feel, experience and the scents in combination. 

  • “Herrera Confidential embodies an irresistible combination of elegance, emotion and authenticity, infused with New York and Latin heritage. Herrera Confidential is the epitome of quality, luxury and style. Inspired by the classic inkwell, noted as a symbol of creativity, each bottle in bold jewel tones, is handcrafted with impeccable detail and elegantly designed”   Well, we could not have said it better.”

We tried each and every bottle, here are our impressions: 

Herrara Tuberose:   Our current favorite, because we love this fragrance in almost any incarnation, this one starts with a strong hit of floral then settles down into a very elegant rich fragrance with a hint of amber. 

Amber Desire: A bronze colored glass bottle holds this liquid that conjures up the essence of the oriental exotic and is a nice base for layering other frangrances on top for extra “passion”. 

Nightfall Patchouli:  This one reminds me of the best part about being bohemian, the dark glass bottle is elegant and the blend of patchouli is dark and sexy.  

Oud Couture: A beautiful and elegant rich fragrance that reminds me of an elegant shop on Paris’ left Bank where just the hint of leather from a designer handbag or scarf.  

Burning Rose:  Just like it sounds, the best of a flower only deeper, more mysterious and yes, even burning. 

Neroli Boheme: Said to be Madame H’s favorite, this elegant and sensuous fragrance is both upscale in its conception  as it is unique in its complexities. 

You can blend these fragrances in combinations or just wear them alone, their generous size and gorgeous look on your fragrance tray make them a must have.  If you want to try them out, ask for a generous sample and wear one for a week, 

Each bottle is $240.00 and can be purchase in New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. 

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