Flower Bomb: Romance in a Bottle

Victor & Rolfe have this penchant for the un-conventional, the “take no prisoners” attitude on the runway with a brand that has shown us how to color outside the lines.  When I was presented with a bottle of Eue de Parfum, I was prepared for something rather artistic, not as romantic as what I am experienced.   The top notes of Tuberose are sweet and well, super floral and spicey.  A bomb of flowers, with a like a puff of bath powder in a sweet and dry finish.  I didn’t know the guys at V & R would go for total romance, but they did; FLOWER bomb is a fragrance that is perfect for a moment when you want something sweet, floral, and devestatingly sweet.  Say, for that perfect date when nothing but true romance will do.  Sophisticated, not really; girlish, absolutely.  Mysterious, not at all.  This is a fragrance for a moment when you want your feelings known.  So, go ahead, don’t be shy.

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