A Walk Through Sydney Smelling The Spring Flowers

Another Lovely voyage for you to be inspired about your fragrance for fall.   Read on!


Olfactoria's Travels

Hi there Olfactoria’s Travellers,

Portia from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse

Recently I was walking with my mate Scott, every Monday we try and get the office work done. Usually we are sidetracked at some point by fragrance, fun and food and some, if not all, of the office work gets shunted to next Monday. Not long ago we were walking back from fragrant drop offs at the Post Office and we could smell this amazing, weird, metallic, sensual, creamy, naughty and animal scent washing over us. Having just passed some blooming climbing jasmine in someone’s backyard this new scent hit us forcibly.

Sydney Spring Flowers 2015

As you can see it’s a long hedge that is 2-3 meters tall and maybe 30 or 40 meters long, so with it all in this outrageously over the top display of flowers we were absolutely scent engulfed by the time we…

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