French Inspired Sparkling Drinks 

Frenchman Michel Langlaise has a spirited and lively personality in his pursuit of capturng the “Joie de Vivre” of France.  His creation of the Diabolo sparkling beverages rhat are hand crafted in Southern California were inspired in France.  The French may not have invented Coco Cola, but their love of a “Citron Presse” which is a mixture of fresh lemon juice  mixed with  soda, is a cafe classic.  The ingredents are all natural with flavors that are perfect to mix with your favorite spirits.  I first tried these sodas with French Champagne,  Le Grande Courtage that comes in both a Brut and Rose.  Delicious!  The sparkling sodas are made with natural ingredents but the taste with or without a spirit mixed in makes them not only delicious alone but a great base for cocktails.  Diabolo drinks are “Guilt Free” and fun to drink so with that, here are some recipe ideas for the Spring!

Champagne Tangerine Mimosa

Champagne Flute (lemon and sugared edge)

Pour fresh squeezed Tangerine Juice ( 1-2 tablespoons) into bottom of glass.

Add champagne to glass and fill  halfway

Add Tangerine Diabolo Soda to glass

Garnish with a slice of Orange

Toast  –  “Vive La France”


Lemon Lime Tequilla Spritz

Use a Tom Collins glass or an Old Fashioned Glass (with edge of Pink Himalyan Salt)

Pour a shot of Silver Patron Tequilla into glass

Add a Dash of Fresh Lime juice

Add a teaspoon of triplesec 

Pour Lemon Lime Diabolo Soda into glass

Stir and Enjoy!

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