Greetings Earthlings: Verte Green Luxuries

imageWe continue to be excited about the companies who are dedicated to “Green Chic” so,  Bravo!  Here are some of our favorite items to celebrate Earth Day 2016.  The signing of the Paris Agreement also is worth celebrating with favorite Euro brands, too!  Your money is well spent as all of these items are low impact to the environment and some even dedicate funding directly to a charity that supports the planet.

Happy Shopping!

Ella Vickers Bags are recycled from Sails and available at (1)

via Onehope wines, all give back to charity with the Sauvignon Blanc plants trees, really!  Available at:

Stella Mccartneyin keeping with the family tradition that mom Linda started before it was chic, the vegan bags by are available on the website worldwide.

Crate and Barrel, the only US retailer with a program to only use eco friendly  woods for all their collections.  They also have made a huge effort to bring sustainability throughout their supply chain. We share our favorite outdoor pieces here!  Available at Crate and Barrel website.





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