Verte Trends: Anti-Green forces are ruling out High Green Profits

What on earth is going on?  

With the EPA under threat by the current administration, those of us who have been reporting on trends in “Eco Lifestyles” who focus on how commerce can work together with eco imperatives, are taken aback by this attitude. Who doesn’t want to save the planet? Who doesn’t want our polar bears, sea otters and other earthly creatures to be safe and secure in their habitats? Who wants to dump streams with chemicals and other pollutants and ruin the only earth we have that we are entrusted to care for our children and grand children? What company would want to pollute the streams and water sources of America with a pipeline that carries crude oil from one end of the country to another. The answer is money (another sort of green) now polluting America. There is a serious problem that we will have to take to the streets again, to solve. The entire lack of concern for protecting our country from greedy, “green-eyed” monsters of profiteering is always an ongoing battle; but the stakes are higher than they have ever been. 

We have been reporting on how commerce, fashion, and all aspects of the US economy benefits from a green agenda; its literally a huge profit center for the country.  From eco-travel, to fashion, to cosmetics, to manufacturing, to batteries, to solar panels, to paint, to building, to cars to alternate energy sources; the list goes on with a huge number of jobs in sectors of the country like California who are devoted to green energy alternatives and related products.  Coal and dirty energy is very backwards; its looking to an old industrial world of the 19th century when the workforce could earn a high wage with a high school diploma by working in a dangerous job.   The number of jobs in coal (inspite of what you may have heard)  has shrunk steadily since the 1970’s because there is simply no demand for it.  Natural gas has taken over and “fracking” (another earth buster) is a by-product of what is a huge natural gas industry in the US.  Re-opening, re-structuring, or lowering regulations is a short term solution yielding ony short term gains and politcal “job fixing” in these depressed economies. The lack of focus on re-training an entire generation of coal or natural gas workers (typically now in their 50s and ready to retire) is covering up what is a glaring issue: these industries are no longer profitable and alternatives must be created to bring a new and highly trained workforce into the economy for long term gains.  Eco-energy is profitable, viable and its related industries need to be introduced into these depressed areas of the country to bring hope.

VERTE MAGAZINE is planting our flag in the sand. We stand for the environment and we are going to continue to report on the trends we see occurring that will influence how we continue to protect our planet and its resources.    

We only have one planet, so let’s take action and make sure we not only protect it, but also the future economy in the US that depends on it. 

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