TORCH CANDLES: Pure & Divine

When you discover a candle that is CLEAN burning with no petroleum or soy in the mix  this is reason for celebration. With a unique secret coconut butter formula and slowing steady burn; the creator of TORCH candles has done us all a favor.  Lovely scents that range from inspired florals to rose wines or deep earthy scents give you a wardrobe of scents for everywhere in your home. The founder has perfected this formula and it will change the nature of the candle industry. She even pours this delightful mixture into a antiqued glass and golden metallic ‘3-wick’ sized containers that are perfect for a holidays, a special occasion and even the outdoors of your porch or garden tabletop.  Either way, the formula does not smoke, will not adhere to the luxury furnishings and paint surfaces in your home as petroleum formulas do.  We plan to spread them around to our friends and family to share the light.  What could be more appealing?

 For shopping and more information:


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