About VERTE Magazine

IMG_0119VERTE MAGAZINE edited by ARTIFICE  aka Pikke Allen covers the eco luxury scene in Paris, London and New York.  

As Chief Creative Officer of ARTIFICE ATELIER,  Ms. Allen curates unique companies in the luxury lifestyles industry. Traveling the world in search of eco-luxe stories, Ms. Allen uncovers how to create the art of living beautifully in a sustainable way by artists, architects, designers, creators in a variety of media.  Marketing and integrated media platforms and events are also part of this Atelier.  The Agency began in 2010 in Paris, France as a luxury content and creative agency with our first issue of ARTIFICE ATELIER MAGAZINE. 

For further information or to present your product to VERTE, or to include VERTE MAGAZINE in your next ECO LUXURY EVENT:

Contact us:  thepressroom2013@gmail.com. 

Photographs are created by ARTIFICE Atelier unless otherwise noted, and can only be used by permission. Re-blogging is noted by editorial team to support our fellow WordPress Writers. 

Verte Magazine is a registered trademark of ARTIFICE ATELIER AGENCY since its inception in 2012.  Any use of its name in any media is strictly by permission and must be licensed.

Other magazines published by ARTIFICE ATELIER AGENCY:




3 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for your bold and gorgeous magazine and your coverage of eco luxury and sustainability in Europe. Greetings from San Francisco!

    1. Hello, and many thanks, this is still in its infancy and thus, please be so kind as to spread the word!



    2. We appreciate all compliments, cheers!

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