An Impassioned Man – Review: Frapin Passion Boisée

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By Tara Passion Boisée is a tribute to a material which may not be glamorous but is an essential part of Frapin’s cognac making process – wood. After distillation, the brandy is aged in oak casks for several years. During this time the wood from the barrels lends its…


A Mood Board is always a Fun way to Express an idea: Whether it be a fashion style, a show concept, and an interiors scheme. We suggest you get uh…in the mood.

Dusty Iris – Review: Histoires de Parfums Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse

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By Tara Tubereuse 1 is capricieuse by name and capricious by nature. It’s wonderfully unexpected. Created by Gérald Ghislain and released in 2009, Tubereuse 1 Capricieuse is part of the Tuberose Trilogy collection. According to the Histoires de Parfums website, Tubereuse 1 has the following pyramid structure: Top notes:…

In The Harem – Review: Dior Collection Privée Oud Ispahan

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Woop Woop Olfactoria’s Travelers, Portia here today from Australian Perfume Junkies and Perfume Posse. Funny how sometimes you are so enraptured by a scent that you’ve bought in a sample, decant or split that you immediately, or as soon as opportunity presents itself, you go grab yourself a bottle.…

Land of Plenty – Review: Mona di Orio Eau Absolue

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By Tara Eau Absolue is said to be a fragrance Mona created for herself and embodies her love of the Mediterranean. It was launched in 2013 and is described as a Citrus Aromatic. Mona composed the formula before her untimely passing in 2011 and it has been produced by…

Evergreen – Review: Parfum d’Empire Corsica Furiosa

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By Tara Released earlier this year, Corsica Furiosa was the first new launch from Parfum d’Empire since 2012’s Musc Tonkin. Perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has based the fragrance on an overdose of the natural material, lentisque (or mastic resin), using it in the form of oil, absolute and extract. The resin is obtained from an evergreen shrub, Pistacia lentiscus, which is native to Corticchiato’s picturesque homeland, the Mediterranean island of Corsica. Notes for Corsica Furiosa include lentiscus (mastic) oil, nepita (a local variety of wild mint), lentiscus absolute, tomato leaf, pepper, lentiscus extract, hay, honey, cistus and oakmoss. As you may have already…

Matcha Green Tea Macarons

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I love green tea, and I love macarons. It was a no-brainer putting the two together. Generally, I prefer flavors that help cut the inherent sweetness in macarons. I like dark chocolate because of its slight bitterness and lemon because of its acidity. Green tea, like dark chocolate or…

Windswept – Review: Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli

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By Tara  Like many people, I associate patchouli with cool – particularly autumnal – weather. It has a warm, earthy, sometimes dirty aroma which goes well with bonfires and falling leaves. It can have hippy connotations but it can also be refined as exemplified by Chanel’s Coromandel. These days it’s usually cleaned up and paired with sweet fruit in the ubiquitous, youth -friendly “fruitcholi”. However a cologne-style take on patchouli is not something I’ve come across, until now. The…

Summer Simplicity: Wayne Thibault

            Wayne Thibault, California Painter shares with us his delight in the simple pleasures of summer.  We love his use of paint that celebrates the joys of color, form and shape.

Frances Palmer Pottery

American Artist & Craft Series:   Frances Potter The simple beauty of Frances Palmer Pottery is expressed in her use of classic shapes and refined techniques as well as an aesthetic that comes from her background in art history.  We met Frances and had the opportunity to discover her techniques and hear about her delightful…